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    What You Need to Know About Bedbugs



    Generally, bed bugs pose no serious risk to human health. If bitten, simply refrain from scratching the bite, take an antihistamine, and apply an antiseptic to the affected area. Aprehend® spraying is the most effective treatment of infestations and it is important to contact a professional company that specializes in bed bug pest control if an infestation is suspected. Unfortunately, bed bug infestations cannot be effectively dealt with using DIY products and measures. In terms of prevention, the best approach is to regularly inspect living quarters for signs of bed bugs.

    Travel is one of the biggest predictors of bed bugs. Anyone who travels risks coming into contact with infected spaces and those who travel frequently are thus at greater risk. Moreover, those who share living quarters with others are at greater risk of being bitten by and of spreading bed bugs.

    The slim and flat bodies of bed bugs make them adept at secreting themselves in tiny places over long periods where they can survive without feeding on blood. Typically, bed bugs are spread when people travel as they hide in the nooks and crannies of luggage, clothes, furniture, bedding, and any other folds and seams where they can remain hidden. People are usually completely unaware that they are carrying bed bugs with them as they move from place to place and infecting the locations where they stay.  

    Everyone will react to the bite of a bed bug differently. Some may suffer no symptoms or signs of a bite while others may notice a small mark. In rare cases, bed bug bites can cause a severe allergic reaction. Thus, while bed bugs are not deemed to be hazardous to human health, allergy-sufferers may require medical help if bitten several times.

    There is no evidence that bed bugs spread disease. Their presences can result in sleep loss and itching, making bed bugs aggravating, but they are not disease-carriers. However, if someone affected by bed bugs scratches too much, a secondary infection of the skin may occur.


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